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Electrical Installation Checks

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Are there any simple checks which a non-technical person can make to monitor an electrical installation?


Yes, any change in the behavior of an electrical installation should be checked e.g. fuses blowing more than once, lights flickering. Electrical Installations checks should be conducted by a competent electrician about every 5 years.

On a regular routine, sockets, switches and appliances should be inspected by the householder or equivalent for signs of overheating, wear on flexes, plugtops are properly connected – the color of the wires in a flex entering a plug-top should not be visible from outside the plugtop. A cord grip should hold the outer sheath of the flex, not the colored cores.

Other faults include:
– Damage to plug tops such as cracking, heat discoloration, missing screws etc.
– Damage to flexible cables
– Unearthed equipment. If the flex has 3 cores it normally requires earthing.
– Dangerous joints in flexible cables including taped joints. Proper extension units should be used.
– Appliances should not be used in unsuitable locations, or if damaged.
– In replacing fuses the correct fuse should be used.

Since 1980 socket circuits should be protected by a trip-switch (RCD) to prevent electric shock. These should be tested every 3/6 months by pressing the test button.

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This article first appeared on Electro Technical Contractors of Ireland.