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The table below sets out suggested time intervals between periodic inspection and testing.

In certain instances, for example where large numbers of people are not expected to be present and the risk of damage is low, these intervals may not be applicable for a number of years after initial connection if:

  •  the installation has been certified following construction,
  •  the owner of the installation is in possession of the original cert  and
  •  the installation has not deteriorated significantly since construction.


[table caption=”Intervals” width=”800″ colwidth=”270|250|250″ colalign=”left|center|center”]
Type of Workplace,Suggested Period between Visual Checks,Suggested Period between Inspection & Testing,
Commercial ,1 year ,5 years
Educational establishments,1 year,5 years
Hospitals,1 year,5 years
Industrial,1 year,3 years
Residential accommodation,1 year,5 years
Offices,1 year,5 years
Shops,1 year,5 years
Laboratories,1 year,5 years
Agricultural / Horticultural,1 year,3 years
Cinemas,1 year,3 years
Leisure complexes(excluding swimming pools),1 year,3 years
Restaurants / Hotels,1 year,5 years
Theaters,1 year,3 years
Public houses / Bars,1 year,5 years
Marinas,4 months,1 years
Launderettes,1 year,1 years
Petrol stations,1 year,5 years
Construction sites,3 Months,6 Months

In the case of an installation under an effective management system for preventative maintenance, periodic inspecting and testing may be replaced by an adequate regime of continuous monitoring and maintenance of the installation and all its constituent equipment by skilled personnel. Adequate records of this maintenance regime must be maintained.