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Electrical Services

by Analytical Testing Solutions
Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing

To minimize the risk of a fire or the risk of an electric shock to either an employee or member of the public it is important to have your appliances and electrical installations safety tested.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging offers a fast, non-invasive and non-destructive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electrical systems by measuring the thermal radiation.

Electrical Thermal Imaging
Emergency Lighting Testing

Emergency Lighting Testing

Gain peace of mind in the knowledge that your lighting will work efficiently and safely in the event of an emergency. Our dedicated engineers will service your system quarterly.

Periodic Electrical Testing

All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use. They should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use.

Periodic Electrical Inspections

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Gain peace of mind in the knowledge that your business’s electrical systems are up to standards